4 Small Business Ideas in Thailand

Updated on Friday 17th March 2017

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Opening a company in Thailand, or in the land of smiles, has never been easier, due to an excellent environment and a great taxation system in the country. There are so many opportunities for creating your own small business or company, and our specialists in company registration in Thailand can provide you with proper information about the rules and regulations in this country. We have gathered four interesting business ideas, available for every foreign entrepreneur who wishes to come to Thailand for more than just a visit.

Open a restaurant or a fast food in Thailand

Thai people love to eat in groups and to spend some quality time together, therefore, a restaurant may be a great business idea, if you intend to live in Thailand.  In most condominiums in the country, there are no kitchen appliances, and people enjoy eating on the go, especially middle-income office workers. You can take into consideration a food truck that offers hot and fresh food, like sandwiches, French fries, crepes, hot dogs or soups. You can also offer specialties or delicacies from the European cuisine.  In order to get a business licence and a work permit, you should solicit help and assistance from our company registration agents in Thailand. If you have decided to open a restaurant in Thailand, you will need to register the business under a Thai person, because foreign businessmen cannot have the majority share in the country.

Open a jewelry shop in Thailand

Jewelry business in Thailand is the second most developed in the country, and many foreigners choose to explore such opportunities. There are high demands in this area for these products, and setting up a jewelry business might seem quite expensive. It is a good idea to start with a small amount or budget by importing jewelries and sell them on the local market. You can also get in touch with the local manufacturers, share ideas and see what you can improve and what benefits you might have. Take into consideration that the company formation in Thailand is quite simple and you can be counseled by our agents.

Open a clothing business in Thailand

According to experts and statistics, this business continues to develop day by day in Thailand, and people are quite interested in this matter. The textile industry is blooming and you can definitely start a business in this industry, by renting a boutique where you can expose latest trends, no matter if they are your own creations or export products.  

Open a farm in Thailand

Agriculture is the oldest occupation in the world that continues to flourish anywhere as a business. You can set up a small farm, for the beginning. A poultry business is also a good idea to start a small business in Thailand. You can sell the products on the local market, or you can get in touch with lots of restaurants or hotels, in order to present your offer. You can get the help you need, regarding the documents, if you want to open a company in Thailand.

Open a web design business in Thailand

Thai people with businesses in the country are aware of the online development, but many of them are too busy to simply create a website. Therefore, if you have skills in this domain and a solid experience in website design, you can definitely open a company in Thailand like this, in order to create and design websites for business persons in the country. You can explore the domain because you can make lots of money.

No matter the type of small business you might want to have, our experts in company registration in Thailand can provide you with the necessary assistance, so please feel free to get in touch with us.


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