A Guide on Thai One Year Visa

Updated on Wednesday 27th September 2017

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The Thai visa for one year can be obtained by foreign people based on a wide variety of reasons. Tourists as well as businessmen are the most frequent applicants for the one year visa. Moreover this type of visa represents one of the preliminary requirements for the obtaining of a long term visa for this country. One of our consultants in company formation in Thailand can give you all the details concerning the application for a one year Thai visa.

What is required in order to obtain a one year visa in Thailand

In order to obtain a one year Thai visa, foreign applicants must prove that they have a clean record and that they do not represent a threat to the safety of the community. You will need as well to provide a valid passport for at least six months. 
Applicants should as well pay the Embassy fee and gather any additional documents which might support the obtaining of the visa. The purpose of the one year stay in Thailand could also be demonstrated through confirmation letters on invitations from an employer or academic institution. 
One of our experts in company formation in Thailand can guide you through the application procedure for the Thai one year visa.

Details concerning the one year visa in Thailand

The non-immigrant one year visa allows multiple entries in Thailand for various purposes. The following list summarizes the most frequent categories of visa for which foreign persons apply:
(ED)- visa issued for Educational purpose, for study or observation;
(EX) – visa for expert work;
(IM) – visa issued for investment purposes in Thailand
Mass media visa (M) – for business or press representatives;
Business visa (B);
Diplomatic visa (D) – for the employees of embassies.
Apart from the general requirements contained in the application for a one year visa, each category might add to the standard conditions other particular documents. After you finish your application your documents will be processed by the authorities and you will obtain an answer within 2 weeks.
Feel free to contact our consultants in company formation in Thailand in order to help you gather all the required documentation for obtaining a one year Thai visa.


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